Your safety is our priority
Making you feel safe is at the top of our mind which is why we have round the clock security within the complex. The entry gate is manned by security guards using high-tech equipments,  boundary wall topped up with concertina coil wire, world class fire fighting equipments, provision for CCTV system. Every house is connected to the security post through an intercom. The complex is erected on a RCC frame with brick partition walls comforming to earthquake resistance specifications of seismological zone V requirements.

Your health is our priority
Keeping you and your family healthy is our prime concern which is why we have provided for health club/gym in club house, jogging track, children play parks and lots of greenry in the complex to provide you with round the year supply of fresh natural oxygen. The whole complex has been designed for a free flow of air and sunlight for natural lighting sewerage treatment plant and primary health desk, gym, badminton and tennis courts, swimming pool and many other facilities to keep you halthy are being provided.

Your comfort is our priority
We have taken many other measures to ensure that you get the royal comfort while you are at home. simple parking spaces, high speed modern elevators, broadband internet connectivity, telephone & intercom lines, concealed pipe gas to the individual apartments, club house with all facilities like banquet hall, restaurant etc. Best of the materials like high quality marble, modern wooden flooring in master bedroom & roof top gazebo’s in penthouse, world class fitings, fixtures and bath/kitchen accessories have been used to ensure a complete comfort zone for you.

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