2 Bedroom Apartments
Experience the cozyness in the lap of luxury and convenience. This Apartment is build to give you a feeling of complete control and enhance your happiness.

Covered Area Circulation Area Balcony Area Super Area
874.515 Sq. Ft. 340.29 Sq.Ft. 167.56 Sq.Ft. 1382.365 Sq.Ft.

3 Bedroom Apartments
Experience the fascinating life that blends sophistication, practicality and serenity. This Apartment will help you rediscover the luxury, peace & tranquility and will surely take you to the next level of enjoyment that you deserve as a successful person.

Covered Area Circulation Area Balcony Area Super Area
1158.741 Sq.Ft. 300.333 Sq.Ft. 254.148 Sq.Ft. 1713 Sq.Ft.

Experience the splendour of a royal life. Enjoy inner peace that gives you a chance to live in perfect harmony with the elements of nature. In these penthouses, opulence flows with full force to anthral your senses. Enjoy the VIBGYOR of shades of life that comes your way through the doors with the free flowing wind and vast openness of the blue skies. Let the feeling of being on top-of-the-world, sink in.

Lower Level Upper Level
Covered Area 1158.741 Sq.Ft.
480.96 Sq.Ft.
Circulation Area 300.333 Sq.Ft.
Balcony area 254.148 Sq.Ft.
Terrace Area -- 914 Sq.Ft.
Super Area (U.l.) 1483.222 Sq.Ft.
1394 Sq.Ft.
Total Super Area (LL+UL) 3137 Sq.Ft.

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